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Our black standard girl Millie, Whisper Ridge Lady Millicent RE CGC, is expecting a litter in early December. The sire is Sheldon, Lemoges The Big Bang. This is a repeat breeding. Their previous litter produced some beautiful temperaments and lovely conformation. We expect only black puppies in this litter. 

I will post more information on this litter at a later date. In the meantime, you can go to our "Want a Puppy" Page and select the "Millie X Sheldon Standard Litter April 2016" subpage for COI, pedigree, health testing, and other information.

We are accepting deposits on this litter. Deposits are $200 and are refundable if we do not have a puppy for you. We are asking $2000 for a pet/companion/performance prospect or $2200 for a show prospect. 

Please contact me if you are interested in a puppy. You can best reach me by filling out the puppy application for found on our "Want a Puppy" page. I can also be reached by email, Marian Bowser at bowsermom@aol.com. 

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At Home in Alaska

Our kennel, Whisper Ridge Poodles, and home, Whisper Ridge Farm, is located on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula in South Central Alaska. We have enjoyed the majesty of nature and the down home feel of Alaska since moving here from Florida in 1998. 

Our Standard Poodles have been an integral part of our lives for the past 20 years. While our poodles are part of our family and treated as such; we are committed to producing poodles as close to the breed standard as possible. Accordingly we show our poodles in AKC shows, obedience,rally, and agility trials. We believe our poodles should be able to compete successfully in both the breed ring and in performance venues.

We also believe in producing as healthy a poodle as possible. All our breeding stock are tested for Hips-OFA or PennHip, Eyes-CERF, vWD-DNA, SA, Cardiac-CERF,DM, NE, & Thyroid. While there is never a quarantee of  perfect health when breeding; we try our best to utilize all the current health testing available to reduce the risk of producing health problems.

Recently a new genetic test became available to determine an individual poodles' genetic diversity. Standard poodles as a breed have become too inbred in some lines. This high degree of inbreeding can result in increased incidence of genetic diseases. Now we can determine how related a standard poodle is within the breed. Millie is the first poodle we've had tested and she has a great score. Her Internal Relatedness value is -0.19. An IR value of .15 suggests unrelated parents. In other words Millie has a nice low IR value compared to most poodles tested. Our goal is to try to keep the score as low as possible in future breedings. 

Currently we have tw0 Standards, two miniature poodles, and a long haired mini dachshund sharing our household. The standard poodles are, Rose (CH Whisper Ridge Dream Rose RN) and Millie (Whisper Ridge Lady Millicent RE CGC). Another of our poodles, Willie (CH Vetset Ever Willing RN CGC) is residing in Montana with our grown son.

Stella (CH Sunraze Stellar Dream At Whisper Ridge RN CGC) is our miniature poodle. She was acquired from Ellen Phelps of Sunraze Poodles of Orlando, FL. Stella has been a great addition to our household. Stella earned all of her AKC championship in Alaska mostly owner handled. We added Stella's daughter, Lizzy (Whisper Ridge Shall We Dance) to our household. Lizzy will  start her show career in the winter of 2016. Little Kona is our miniature dachshund and is just adorable among the crowd of poodles.

We invite you to contact us if you are visiting in Alaska or if you would like to learn more about our poodles.

Whisper Ridge Poodles
Marian Bowser
Tim Bowser DVM
Soldotna, AK


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