Our Dairy Goat Herd

We own a small herd of ADGA registered dairy goats, Kenai Ridge Dairy Goats. Our oldest, Zeena, is ADGA registered as an Experimental. She is half Alpine and half Oberhasli. Zeena is now retired from breeding.

Zeena's daughter Sophie is 75% Alpine, 25% Oberhasli. Sophie is in her second freshening (2013) and is producing over 9 lbs a day late in the season of 2013. Our third doe, Dora, is a 2013 doeling. Dora is an American Alpine and will be kept as a replacement doe for our 2014/2015 breeding season.

Sophie has been bred to a Saanen buck with kids due early May 2014.   

Our goats are all tested clear for CAE, CL, Johne's, and Brucella. We test yearly and keep a closed herd.

Our goats are providing us with delicious fresh milk. Goats are a delightful animals and a joy to own. We enjoy our small group of does. We welcome inquiries @ 907-260-5448 or email bowsermom@aol.com.



Sophie is our Zeena's daughter. Sophie is 75% Alpine/25% Oberhasli and is registered with the ADGA as an Experimental.

Sophie freshened for the first time in the 2011 season. Her production exceeded our expectation. She has the high production of her dam Zeena. She is good on the milking stand. Sophie is our lone milker for 2013. We made the decision to milke only one doe this year. Sophie is producing well over a gallon a day late into her milking season. 

Sophie is a larger doe at about 180 lbs. She is a two toned chamoisee and quite the pretty doe. Her udder is large with fair sized teats. She is easy to milk. Sophie has excellent overall conformation.

Sophie was bred to a Saanen buck for kids due in May 2014.



Winterdance Zanfere Zeena (ADGA# E1320547)

Zeena is our Alpine/Oberhasli doe. Zeena produced up to 2 gallons per day during her peak production. 

Zeena has a pleasant temperament and is easy to milk. Zeena is larger at about 175 lbs. She has good udder structure with good teats. She stands well on good feet, has good rear angulation, and a good front assembly. She has a well sprung capacious chest.

Zeena turned 10 years old in 2013 and is now enjoying her retirement from breeding and milking. She's our herd matriarch and tends to our herd well.



Photos of our Herd