Lizzie's Litter 2020

Our Miniature Poodle Lizzie is gave birth to three puppies April 29th, 2020. The litter sire is Zac, CH Sunraze Campostela The Destroyer.  Due to the current Covid-19 situation, this litter will be born and reared at our Florida winter home. All the puppies from this litter are spoken for and will go to new homes late June. Thank you for the interest in this litter.

Lizzie- CH Whisper Ridge Shall We Dance TKN FDC. Litter dam.

Lizzie- CH Whisper Ridge Shall We Dance TKN FDC. Litter dam.

Zac-CH Sunraze Campostela The Destroyer- Litter Sire

Zac-CH Sunraze Campostela The Destroyer- Litter Sire

At Home in Alaska

Our kennel, Whisper Ridge Poodles, and home, Whisper Ridge Farm, is located on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula in South Central Alaska. We have enjoyed the majesty of nature and the down home feel of Alaska since moving here from Florida in 1998. In 2019 we bought a second residence in North Florida. We plan to spend part of the winter in Florida. Our poodles will accompany us.

Our Standard Poodles have been an integral part of our lives for the past 30 years. Our poodles are part of our family and treated as such. We are committed to producing poodles as close to the breed standard as possible. Accordingly we show our poodles in AKC shows, obedience,rally, and agility trials. We believe our poodles should be able to compete successfully in both the breed ring and in performance venues.

We also believe in producing as healthy a poodle as possible. Our standard poodle Millie is tested for Hips-OFA or PennHip, Eyes-CERF, vWD-DNA, Cardiac-CERF,DM, & NE. For the miniatures we also do PRA prcd DNA testing, Dwarfism, and Patela. While there is never a quarantee of  perfect health when breeding; we try our best to utilize all the current health testing available to reduce the risk of producing health problems.

Recently a new genetic test became available to determine an individual poodles' genetic diversity. Standard poodles as a breed have become too inbred in some lines. This high degree of inbreeding can result in increased incidence of genetic diseases. Now we can determine how related a standard poodle is within the breed. Millie is the first poodle we've had tested and she has a great score. Her Internal Relatedness value is -0.19. An IR value of .15 suggests unrelated parents. In other words Millie has a nice low IR value compared to most poodles tested. Our goal is to try to keep the score as low as possible in future breedings. 

Currently we have one Standard and three miniature poodles sharing our household. Our standard poodle is  Millie (Whisper Ridge Lady Millicent RE CGC FDC TKN ). Our miniature poodles are Stella (CH Sunraze Stellar Dream At Whisper Ridge RN CGC FDC), Stellas' daughters Lizzie (CH Whisper Ridge Shall We Dance TKN FDC) and Evie ( GRCH Whisper Ridge Evie Just Dance RN TKN FDC). 

We invite you to contact us if you are visiting in Alaska or if you would like to learn more about our poodles.

Whisper Ridge Poodles
Marian Bowser
Tim Bowser DVM
Soldotna, AK


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